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Can Solar Panels be Recycled?

In recent years, encouragement from the solar industry have pushed for the development of recycling programs for panels past their prime. Solar panel recycling now has the potential to become a huge industry in of its own. Better recycling practices can prevent large amounts of waste from hitting landfills while reclaiming the materials needed to […]

Heath Benefits of Solar

Solar energy is an alternative energy option that uses energy from the sun’s rays and converts it into energy that can provide electricity for a home. The use of solar energy can greatly reduce your home’s dependency on other energy options such as coal, gas, and oil while reducing your carbon footprint. The majority of […]

How Can Roof Angle Affect Solar Panel Performance?

To get the most from solar panels, you need to point them in the direction that captures the most sun. Orientation, tilt and shading are of special importance, as they all have a major impact on the amount of sunlight that reaches the photovoltaic panels. Most solar panels are mounted on rooftops, flat against the […]

What are Examples of Alternative Energy?

The issues surrounding the use of fossil fuels, particularly in terms of climate change, has become a very hot topic over the course of the last few decades. Today, there is a general shift towards environmental awareness and the sources of our energy are coming under closer scrutiny. Lowering emissions, fuel prices, and pollution levels […]

What are Concentrated Solar Panels?

Have you ever heard of using a mirror or magnifying glass to heat something up on the pavement during a hot, sunny day? Concentrated solar power works in a similar way. Unlike photovoltaic (PV) systems, or traditional residential solar systems, which use the sun’s light to generate electricity, concentrating solar power systems generate electricity using […]

Solar Carports: How Do They Work?

Solar Carports work mostly using the same principles as a normal residential solar installation. Solar Panels are installed on the roof of the carport and then connected electrically to the power grid using an inverter. SuperGreen Solutions of Charleston can help you with the designing, installation, and power connection of the solar carport on residential […]

Important Deadline Quickly Approaching! Please read if you have any interest at all in going solar

SCE&G/Dominion’s net metering program will end once their 2% net metering capacity cap is achieved unless new legislation is enacted soon. This cap can be hit at any time due to large commercial projects grabbing allocations of the program, but the expectation is currently now May 3rd. Here is the current deadline from SCE&G’s website-https://www.sceg.com/docs/librariesprovider5/pdfs/nem_cap_notification.pdf […]

Which Smart Thermostat is Right for Your Home?

Solar panels and smart thermostats are two of the most powerful technologies available to help you take control of your home’s energy consumption. Smart thermostats aren’t just control panels for your heating and air conditioning anymore! New smart thermostats are equipped with Wi-Fi, sensors, advanced algorithms and much more to help make your home more […]

Installing Solar Panels on Different Roof Types

Whether you’re thinking of installing solar panels on your current roof or re-roofing first, there are a few things to consider to make sure your roof will be ready for solar panels. The good news is most types of roofs are compatible with solar panels! Many people wonder whether solar panels can affect the integrity […]

How Heavy is Solar?

Written by Taylor Nink How heavy is “solar” heavy? Solar Panels aren’t those big, heavy, and industrial investments anymore and it’s time that everyone knows that. Remember when the first home computer was created? That big, bulky, heavy screen with the even heavier tower was state of the art! But notice how the continuous advances […]