Solar Trees

The Benefits of Solar Trees

The designs and functions of solar panels have improved dramatically, and most people are very familiar with them as they appear on more homes and businesses. Solar Trees, which provide many of the same benefits as solar panels, are less known to the average individual. Learn about the benefits of a solar tree and the main differences between a solar tree vs. solar panel.

What Are Solar Trees?

These structures are built like trees with solar panels attached to the trunks. They are designed for decorative purposes and to bring renewable solar energy to a home or business. A major purpose for the installation is to increase the public’s awareness of renewable energy and get more people interested in solar panels.

Benefits of a Solar Tree

These trees provide a primary or secondary source of power for a home or business. One tree can serve as a backup source of power in case of a blackout. However, it needs an adequate amount of sunlight to provide energy. The power is used to run electronics, charge batteries, and keep the lights on.

Like naturally grown trees, artificial trees are an attractive decoration for the yard. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, or designs. Some designs are custom made based on the property owner’s preferences. The base that resembles the tree trunk is typically made of metal, stone or plastic, but many designs are made to resemble natural wood. Both the “trunk” and solar panels can be painted in different colors or arranged in different shapes.

Solar devices make people more aware of the growing need for renewable energy. Every day they are reminded that most of the power on Earth is provided by the sun for free and in abundant supply. By installing a few rows of panels, homeowners can save hundreds of dollars a month on energy bills and get all of the power they need during the day.

Solar Tree vs. Solar Panel

Sun-powered trees are more ornamental, but solar panels are more economical. Installing solar panels is the preferred option to save as much money as possible on energy bills. Your property receives a steady stream of electricity that never runs out as long as sunlight is available. Additional benefits of solar panel technology include:

  • Little to no maintenance
  • Reduced pollution in air, ground, and water
  • Decreased rates of nonrenewable energy
  • A decrease in the usage of natural resources
  • Increase in concern for the environment

In some developing countries, there is widespread use of solar energy. That is because people cannot afford to look for and waste nonrenewable energy sources. They find it much easier, cheaper, and less time consuming to use resources from nature all around them. In developed countries, the use of solar and wind power needs a lot more attention. Most people are only used to getting their energy from gas, oil, and fossil fuels. But there’s always the possibility that it will run out, so it’s also important to look at alternative sources of energy from solar trees and panels. Start by hiring the right solar panel installers for your home or business. Contact SuperGreen Solutions Charleston today to receive a free solar assessment.