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Solar Carports: How Do They Work?

Solar Carports work mostly using the same principles as a normal residential solar installation.

Solar Panels are installed on the roof of the carport and then connected electrically to the power grid using an inverter.

SuperGreen Solutions of Charleston can help you with the designing, installation, and power connection of the solar carport on residential and commercial rooftops.

Solar carports are an offshoot of traditional carports, which provide shade and protection for your vehicle. Typical carports are much different from solar carports however, and call for different hardware and installations. Solar carports are essentially taller ground mounted solar panels. They are simply lifted high enough so that a vehicle can fit below. A solar carport can be structured to optimize the positioning of your solar panels, whereas this may not be as simple or possible for a rooftop solar panel system.The electricity being produced by your solar carport is just like any other solar energy and it can be used in your home, stored in a battery, exchanged for credits in the grid using Net Metering. If you decide a solar carport is right for you, be sure to get one that fits in your driveway. Some can accommodate just one car, while others can accommodate two or three. Contact us today to help you create your perfect solar carport and start saving green by going green!