Health Benefits of solar

Heath Benefits of Solar

Solar energy is an alternative energy option that uses energy from the sun’s rays and converts it into energy that can provide electricity for a home.

The use of solar energy can greatly reduce your home’s dependency on other energy options such as coal, gas, and oil while reducing your carbon footprint.

The majority of scientists now agree that the long-term effects of burning fossil fuels causes major issues with our environment. Burning these types of fuels emits large amounts of carbon dioxide into the air. As the layer of greenhouse gases increase, the heat is trapped inside the earth’s atmosphere which can cause the temperatures around the world to rise. Some effects of the earth’s heating, including melting ice caps, rising sea levels and intensified storm systems, are already becoming more noticable.

Solar energy emits zero carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere. Here are some health benefits of solar.


  1. Solar reduces air pollution- by increasing the share of solar power in the total energy generation, high amounts of air pollutants can be avoided.
  2. Solar helps mitigate climate change-generating electricity with solar panels does not produce any greenhouse gasses.
  3. Solar leaves water resources intact- besides compromising our clean drinking water supply, the energy industry also contributes to severe pollution.
  4. Solar uses fewer resources- even though solar technology is made of resources that have to be mined and processed, 96 percent of the material contained in silicon solar panels is recyclable. This includes important resources such as aluminum, glass, and even rare or precious metals like silver, gallium, indium, and germanium.


Solar helps us breathe cleaner air and live in a less polluted world. Not only can you save money on your electric bills, you can also reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health and the health of those around you. SuperGreen Solutions of Charleston can show you just how much you can save by going solar.