Installing Solar Panels on Different Roof Types

Whether you’re thinking of installing solar panels on your current roof or re-roofing first, there are a few things to consider to make sure your roof will be ready for solar panels.

The good news is most types of roofs are compatible with solar panels!

Many people wonder whether solar panels can affect the integrity of their roof. Fortunately, the majority of roofing materials can accommodate a solar panel installation without harming the roof itself. Asphalt shingles, which are most common, also called composite roofing, work great for solar panels and involves a simple installation process. Tile roofs are also compatible with solar panels and making them easy to install. Surprising to some, the roof type that is most compatible with solar panels is a standing metal roof. The standing seam allows for easier and cheaper installation without drilling into the roof.

Roofing materials that are not ideal for solar include wood and slate roofs. These roofing materials are brittle, so solar panel installers can’t just walk around on the roof as they normally could. This makes for a more difficult and, therefore, more expensive installation process.

The pitch, or angle, of your roof is also something to consider. The ideal angle for a solar panel is considered to be 30 degrees.

If you have a steeper roof, then it will likely still work for solar panels and won’t have much of an effect on your energy production. For example, a tilt of 40 degrees should only decrease energy production by about one percent compared to 30 degrees. However, anything over 40 degrees is probably too steep.

If your roof is flat, then you can still install solar panels. It just means you’ll have to use brackets to angle the panels, which can cost a little extra.

Since roofs can come in near infinite configurations of shape and size, SuperGreen Solutions of Charleston can take a look at your roof and give you some feedback on whether solar panels would fit well and how much of your roof surface can be equipped with panels.