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How Heavy is Solar?

Written by Taylor Nink

How heavy is “solar” heavy? Solar Panels aren’t those big, heavy, and industrial investments anymore and it’s time that everyone knows that.

Remember when the first home computer was created? That big, bulky, heavy screen with the even heavier tower was state of the art! But notice how the continuous advances in technologies have helped us create skinny laptops that maybe weigh a pound or two that we can carry anywhere we want without any strain. Solar is the same way!

Way back in the “olden days”, solar energy panels were large and bulky and deemed too heavy to be particularly safe in the public eye. Why? Because we didn’t have the technological advances to be able to harness all the environmental benefits of solar into one little panel. But, now we do!

Solar Panels are are now slim, sleek, and attractive designs without all the crazy wires that used to be associated with them. These new and improved solar panels only weigh roughly 2.3 lbs per square foot and I promise that is not too much for your roof! Your roof can withstand 20 lbs per square foot before professionals think there is too much weight. Our homes are solid structures and they laugh at the measly weight of solar panels. Still worried about your roof and the weight? SuperGreen Solutions of Charleston can easily tell you if your roof can withstand the weight of a solar system. Plus, when that system you buy is installed properly, you will also be able to laugh at the measly weight of solar panels as you watch your electric bill dwindle to nothing.