Solar Equity Charleston Solar Panels

Solar Means Equity

Written by Taylor Nink

Are you going to live in your home forever? It’s an honest question.

Many people do not plan on living in the same home forever, and wish to sell it, turn a profit and move on to the next project. How do you make that profit? One simple word: Equity.

And how can you build that equity while being able to benefit from it yourself? Buying Solar Panels for your home! When you buy solar panels for your home, and they are installed by solar professionals like SuperGreen Solutions, you are able to build equity in your home and increase its overall value. However, if you do not own the solar system attached to your home and you decided to lease it instead, none of the benefits of solar transfer to the value of your property.  Yeah, sure, leasing sounds good because you don’t want to own those “expensive panels” and the upfront costs are so much lower. But does an extra $15,000 to $20,000 on your home’s sale price catch your attention because the Solar comes with the house? Because it should.

With the popularity of renewable energies shooting sky high, houses with solar panels are becoming increasingly desirable and the science backs it up. Experts are affirming that homes with solar panels installed sell faster and for a higher price, leaving more money in your pocket. And with solar increasing your home’s value at a minimum of 3-4%, there is only going up from there. Why not give the bank more of a reason to value your home higher, reduce your carbon footprint, all while enjoying huge energy savings! Solar Energy with SuperGreen Solutions of Charleston can guide you in the decision processes that you need to start making.