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Smog Who

Written by Taylor Nink

Imagine how charming our cities would be without all of the pollution.

The coal burning causing the smog that fills our lungs and smokestacks that touch the sky could just vanish and never be seen again.

What would our lives be like if we were able to rid the earth of that, all of the environmental and health benefits that come with it? It sounds impossible, but it’s not. The feasible solution is solar energy, and the only thing that solar can do for us is help us benefit our lives and the environment. Not only does solar energy use renewable energy created daily by the sun for free and reduce our carbon footprint, but, depending on the system size that SuperGreen Solutions of Charleston customizes for you, solar could eliminate your dependency on coal burning energy completely. This lessens the amount of carbon dioxide that is being pumped into the atmosphere and reduce the overall amount of greenhouse gases.

A majority of the electricity that is used throughout the United States in both the residential and commercial sectors are produced through the burning of fossil fuels. By switching to solar, a continuously readily abundant source, we can work towards reducing our harmful effects on the world. Solar Energy is clean and has no byproduct of it being produced which will help us reduce global temperatures back to their equilibrium and reduce the massive changes in global climate change. So, what are the effects of solar energy on the environment, you ask? Nothing but good stuff!