Can Solar Lower My Electric Bill Supergreen Solutions

Can Solar Lower My Electric Bill?

Written by Taylor Nink

With electrics rates on the rise, thanks to the merciless electric companies, everyone’s electric bills are becoming increasingly cumbersome for families to handle.

Homeowners of all kinds are falling victim to their electric company’s bills, but did you know there is a way to fight the electric companies and save your money? Two words, Solar Energy.

Solar energy is renewable energy by the sun that is guaranteed to lessen your electric bill or rid yourself of paying for electric all together. The type and size of solar system you decide to install for your home will determine how much money you will save on your monthly electric bill. If you decide to install whole house solar, you will still receive an electric bill, but with no balance because of your ability to produce your own energy. If you decide to install a smaller solar system, you are able to significantly decrease what you will pay to your electric company since you will be drawing less on their electrical supply. SuperGreen Solutions of Charleston will help you make the most educated and informed decision on the size and capacity of your solar system with a custom design just for your home.Then, depending on where you live, some counties allow for net-metering, where electric companies will pay you for all the extra electricity that you produce and do not use from your solar system.

So much freedom can come from purchasing solar from SuperGreen Solutions of Charleston that many people don’t know of. Imagine if one day your electric bill disappeared, because it is possible! When you purchase solar, your electric bill can vanish and in place you make payments towards your solar installation. This would allow you to increase the equity in your home while breaking away from the power companies for electricity. Sounds like a win/win, right? Yes! Not only would this increase the value of your home for resale, but you would be able to cut down or rid yourself of your electric bills, build equity for your home, and eventually save yourself a pretty penny all while reducing your carbon footprint.