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Solar for Townhomes and Condominiums

There are many reasons to go solar. A solar panel system is a great investment that can greatly reduce electricity costs, increase the value of your property, and reduce your carbon footprint. Solar power isn’t just for single-family homes! You can make the transition to solar even if you live in a condo or townhome. Here are a few things that can make adding a solar system to your condo more successful.

  • A solar champion: Having a resident who acts as the primary advocate for the project will ensure that everyone involved understands the value of installing solar.
  • Support of the condominium association: Association support is necessary for any project to go forward. Without it, the complicated process of installing solar on a condominium can become an impossible task.
  • A contractor experienced in working with condominiums: Having a solar installer who understands the unique circumstances of condominium solar projects will give you support throughout the process and access to the information you need.

How Condo Solar Projects work

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to solar power for condos. When you live in a condo building, your condominium agreement and bylaws will determine your solar options. Most solar projects for condominiums can be categorized under one of two approaches:

Association Projects

With an association project, a solar PV system provides electricity for common areas of the building. Association projects typically connect to the building’s common electric meter, and any extra electricity the PV system produces can be shared with individual condo unit owners.

Single or Joint Unit-Owner Projects
SuperGreen Solutions Townhome Residential Solar Panels

In a unit-owner project, one or more unit owners pay to install a solar panel system on the roof of the condo or townhome for their personal use. If you propose a unit-owner project, you will need to get approval from the condo association and obtain an easement to authorize system installation and maintenance. In some cases, the association may also charge you a separate fee for the use of the roof.

Unit-owner projects don’t require that all of the residents make an investment in order to install the solar energy system, so they may be easier to negotiate in large condo complexes. However, there may be constraints on your right to use the roof depending on the size of your building and how your agreement is structured.

If neither of these options is viable for you, you can also consider community solar power, either by finding an existing project or by working with the community to create a new community solar installation.

For greater chances of success, get buy-in from neighbors!

Once you have a sense of your equipment and financing options, start gathering support for your solar project. Begin by meeting with your condo association – without their support, a successful solar project will be very difficult. Emphasize the potential for savings and the benefits for unit owners to make the case for a solar installation.

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