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What Type of Commercial Solar Installation is Right for Your Business?

Businesses and organizations across the Lowcountry are waking up to the benefits that solar presents for their bottom line. From small businesses to warehouses, hospitals to large campuses that use a lot of electricity stand to save a ton on their power bills by making the switch, and many savvy business owners have realized that.  The new reality is that businesses of all sizes and types can go solar, whether it’s mounted on their roof, in their parking lot or on their lawn.

The question is then, what is holding many business owners back?  Many think they may not have space or the roof type that would make their facility applicable for solar.  This could not be farther from the truth. With new innovations in racking and carport structures, not having space on your campus is no longer an excuse.  SuperGreen Solutions of Charleston has many options for commercial installations, and the chances are that at least one solution can work for you.  Let’s take a look at the different types of commercial solar panels, and what types of facilities they are optimal for.  

  1. Rooftop Solar

This is an obvious first choice for many businesses, as the appeal is that you can utilize unused roof space to mount the solar, out of sight from your customers all while offsetting your power bill.  

  1. Carport Solar

Carport Solar Panels Super Green Solutions

Businesses and organizations that don’t have the roof space or have a unique roof, but have a large parking lot are perfect candidates for carport solar. You can utilize space in your parking lot or garage to mount hundreds of panels, which not only power your business, but provide shade and cover for your patrons to park under.  There are three varieties of this type of installation, each of them suited to different situations.

  1. Ground Solutions

Ground Solar Panels Commercial SuperGreen Solutions

In some circumstances, some businesses may want large-scale, power-plant level production solar installations.  Whether it’s for their own power, or to produce power to sell to other businesses, these large-scale installations are gaining in popularity.  Most of these installations use standard, simple ground mount modular racking systems to the mount the modules at a tilt. The design of these racking systems is usually simplified such that the design can be automated, saving cost and time.  If you have the land, and want to produce a ton of power, this type of solution may be for you.

So no matter what your businesses situation may be, chances are that solar can work for you. No matter your roof or land situation, we can figure out a solution for your organization, whether it’s roof mounted, a carport, or ground mounted, so that you can start saving money on your power bills and improve your bottom line.  If you’re looking for a quote on commercial solar, contact SuperGreen Solutions of Charleston today.


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