SuperGreen Solutions Preparing Your Solar System for a Hurricane

Preparing Your Solar System For A Hurricane

Before a hurricane, you might be worried about battening down the hatches and waterproofing everything in sight.
But for regular homeowners, there isn’t much to do.

Your solar panels and racks are built strong, and the mounts should be watertight for decades, storms or no. Don’t try to remove the panels yourself or try to cover them with anything.

Solar panels will not cause your roof to fly off your house.

Unless the roof itself was already going to fly off, either because of insane winds or poor building techniques. Your best bet is to keep your flashlight handy and prepare for the storm as normal.

SuperGreen Solutions Solar Panels High Winds

Solar Panels are tested by manufacturers to ensure that they can survive hurricanes.

Most solar panels are certified to withstand winds of up to 2,400 pascals, equivalent to approximately 140 mile-per-hour winds. The typical aluminum and glass casings that hold solar cells and constitute a solar panel are highly waterproof, even during extreme rain.

Tips for Preparing Your Solar System for a Hurricane

  1. Always heed the warnings issued by your local Government regarding evacuations and preparations.
  2. Your solar electric system has been designed to weather the storm. Do not, for any reason, attempt to get on your roof to make preparations. Do not attempt to remove your solar electric system.
  3. Following the storm take the same extreme caution as you would with downed power lines if in the unlikely event you have damage to your solar system. In the sun, electricity may be flowing through solar panels. Again, Do Not attempt to go on your roof to inspect or repair your solar system. Physically inspect your solar from the ground where it is safe.
  4. It is a good idea, to take photos of your solar system, just like you would your other significant investments in order to create a good inventory for your insurance company if you do experience damage. Unsure of how to create a good inventory, here is a blog post from Allstate on creating a home inventory that is helpful.
  5. Listen to your local utility company. Men and women are risking their lives to restore power. Do not operate a generator without the proper installation and ventilation.

SuperGreen Solutions Panel Maintenance After Hurricane

If your solar panel system becomes damaged by the storm, you’re in good hands. Homeowners’ insurance policies cover solar panels as a structural component of the home (though you may want to adjust your limits to account for the value they represent).

If utility power goes down as a result of the storm, most home solar systems will shut down as well. In the rare case that your system is damaged, it can most likely be repaired or replaced quickly, and again, you’re probably covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy. Contact us or your installation company right away.

Stay informed: visit for up to date information on South Carolina weather, news, and emergency preparation.

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