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How Exactly Do My Solar Panels Create Electricity?

Our customers often ask us “how exactly do my solar panels create electricity?” Here’s a simple explanation:

PV systems, simply

Solar electric systems, or photovoltaic (PV) systems, are extremely simple. The PV cells capture the sun’s particles of energy (photons) and converts them into electrons to create direct current (DC) electricity. The DC current travels from the PV cells into an inverter, which converts them into alternating current, or AC power–the same kind of power you buy from your utility provider. Sun > PV cells > Inverter > Your home.

When the sun doesn’t shine

We use very efficient panels that can even produce on cloudy days! Your production will go down and you will need some help from the grid, but luckily the sunny days far exceed the cloudy ones. For your peace of mind, we’ve included cloudy days in your Annual Production number.

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