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How Do I Pay for My System?

So you’ve seen how much you can save with solar and you’re interested in energy independence. The biggest question you might have now is “how do I pay for my system?” Let’s take a look at the four ways you can put solar on your roof today.


The most simple: you pay the full system cost up front and get 25+ years of solar power. Every day you turn on the lights, you save. You own your system from Day one.


Just like a standard lease, you rent the solar array from the installer and make a fixed lease payment each month. Unlike a PPA, you can use all the power you produce. The biggest drawback is that you do not own your system and most lease rates will increase with the cost of energy.


This is the most popular option for homeowners right now because of the low-rate financing available in the solar space. If you qualify, we have great financing options that offer low interest rates and no money down. After paying your system off with fixed monthly payments, you own your solar system. Your solar payments will never  increase. You start saving on Day 1 and your savings grow larger each year as the price of energy continues to rise each year.

What makes the most sense for you?

Be sure to explore these options with an installer to find a plan that suits your needs and budget. Now that you know more about paying for your system, let’s see if solar is right for you.  Give us a call or click the link below to schedule your FREE Solar Consultation today!

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