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Solar Vs. Utility Companies

There’s a battle going on between some utility companies, with their dependence on fossil fuels, and the new, sustainable energy upstarts.

The reality is that consumers in many states have suffered huge increases to their electricity bills over the last decade or so due to a variety of reasons including new federal regulations on emissions, rules on greenhouse gasses, renewable energy state mandates and fluctuating oil, coal and natural gas prices. We don’t see an end in sight to these changes. The combination of past increases in electricity costs and uncertainty of where those costs are headed has convinced many homeowners to take another look at investing in a home solar system. It just makes sense!

With an abundance of sunshine and incentives programs, South Carolina is home to an expanding solar power industry.

S.C is eighth in the country for electricity sales, largely to meet air conditioning needs during our hot summers! However, that South Carolina sun and heat can result in huge energy bill savings with the help of solar energy systems.

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