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Answers To Homeowner’s Biggest Questions About Going Solar

  1. Roof- where is it going to go and how is it going to do for leaks?

Well, glad you asked, the best place for Solar is on a south facing roof then East to west. As far as the mounting goes, we always ensure everything including your roof against leaks and the bracketing system actually goes under the shingle and attaches to the rafters. Everything is sealed tight and we have a 3 year penetration warranty.

  1. What about damage or hurricane?

Good question! You will notify your insurance company that you have added solar to your home. If your rate increases it will be a very small increase of on average $5-$10. This will add your panels as a part of the home plus there is a monitoring system we install at no additional charge that monitors the system 24/7/365 for you and us. If the panels or they stop working correctly within the warranty period, we will be there to assist you in fulfilling the panels warranty.

  1. How much does it cost?

The cost is different for each person as it depends on your needs.

Your system cost is $0 Down, $0 Out of pocket for full installation and start up, and $0 monthly or yearly for monitoring.

  1. Do HOAs allow solar?

I have a Homeowners Association, I don’t think I can go solar? Oh boy, we get this one all the time but here is the fix to this. #1 We handle the HOA and ARB boards for communication, applications and reviews and we will help get this approved for you. If your HOA denies the solar system, we will not hold you accountable. If they say you can only do the side or back of your roof and the back of your roof is north facing then you will NOT be able to do it, unless you can do a ground mount. We have found that 80%+ of HOA will allow a ground mount and we have very little problems.

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